About Us

Real-life meeting and data privacy is our motto!

Strike is dedicated to providing dating singles with real-life encounters while maintaining data privacy!

The idea had come about with the realization that technology is isolating us and how transparent we have become in our daily interactions.

Online Dating is one of the top industries proven to process sensitive data. We decided to take on the challenge: Securing users data whilst connecting matches with similar interests in real life.

Society is being told it’s just a numbers game, but is it? Are algorithms and masses of profiles making us happy? We believe that people are much more interested and accepting of others when connecting in real life as compared to searching through profiles. Strike is the app that turns back the hands of time by enabling spontaneous¬† meeting-in-person, bringing your senses and intuition back into deciding if you would like to date this person or not. Essentially bringing the spark back to dating.

Data Privacy is a growing concern for all industries with future implications for the standards in which we are doing business. Strike solves these concerns, increasing the trust and security levels for our users and partners alike. Our data protection solution is Scout, a wearable hardware that compares search criteria within an encapsulated environment and without the need to share profiles or personal information over the internet.

Strike & Scout work in unison to revolutionize the dating industry!

Scout’s development has also paved the way for a multitude of unique marketing tools, connecting businesses to customers in their close proximity. Please see our business section!

Strike is a product of Peripheral Systems, LLC located in Jupiter, Florida