Become a
Strike Ambassador

Earn an income by engaging with our community

Strike is the alternative to online dating. Our technology connects people in real-life, revolutionizing dating as we know it while reacting to the current demand of an entire market. Strike brings back a sense of romance and connection that eliminates the physical and emotional distance found in online dating and other social apps.

Gone are the days of endless scrolling and sifting through over rated self descriptions. Personalization is key to our movement and Real-life meeting and data privacy is our motto!  

We are looking for Brand Ambassadors that are excited to connect with the community at events and promote our business-marketing technology to local partners.

If you are well connected in the community and are excited to be a part of fun events for singles and socialites, you might be the perfect individual for this role.


The Benefits

Flexible Hours

  • Get paid for visiting bars,  restaurants and parties that you choose to participate in.
  • Self employment like work 
  •  ** Take your ambassador ship to the level that suits your life-style.

Easy Compensation

  • Easily earn a side income by carrying our Scout and attending bars and restaurants.
  •  Upgrade your side hustle by bringing in symbiotic business partnerships.

expand your network

  • Strike is not limited to bars! Users can meet at any location equipped with our Strike Lite technology. 
  • E.g., you are a full-time Personal Trainer at a gym and could acquire your business to be equipped with our hubs, creating an opportunity for customers to match at your business and support them in case of any questions, while creating a profitable side income for promoting our sales!

**Optional acquisition of businesses will be compensated for differently than just attending promotional events.

There is more to our product than just dating. Our Strike Lite app is working with hubs that need to be installed in desirable locations for the simplicity of singles to connect and test our app before purchasing our Scout.

The hub will be interesting for businesses because they provide:

  • a unique form of advertising to engage the consumer in the moment.
  • broadcasting their location as a matching environment on our website.
  •  promoting their special events to users
  • targeting desired demographics of those in close proximity with special offers via push notification.
Responsibilities and Duties
  • Discover and attend promotional events that fit the social climate and nature of the app
  • Promote the sale and usage of our Strike product line to b2c
  • Create and contribute to building relationships with prospective business partners
  • Be a voice for our company and find opportunities for networking and development
Qualifications and Skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Passion for our innovation and product
  • Active presence on social media is beneficial
  • Active network of community contacts is beneficial
  • Due to the nature of the business, we will be performing background checks on Ambassadors
  • Must be at least 21 years old

If you believe in our product
join us in not only changing but improving life quality for singles!

Earn Revenue

  • Earn a side income by carrying the product and attending bars and restaurants.

Be the first to test

  • Get paid for visiting bars,  restaurants and parties.

Hype of 2021

  • Offering an alternative to the online dating

expand your network

  • Attending events which bring the personalization back to meeting.


An ambassador earns an extra income for wearing our Scout while attending festivals, bars and restaurants for the purpose of allowing users to test our Strike Lite app.

Ambassadors are representing Strike to the general public and therefore a respectful and pleasurable personality is required. But ambassadors do not have to have an particular previous qualifications

Yes, an ambassador must be at least 21 years of age.

We are especially interested in finding ambassadors in the state of Florida. Strike Lite is to be offered in metropolitan cities like:
Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach
Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota
Greater Orlando area

Ambassadors must be willing to have a background check for the safety or our users.