Hubs give businesses the opportunity to become a Strike Lite locations and send timely advertisements to a targeted demographic while providing their customers the ability to use the Strike Lite app for free.

Strike is the app which allow users to match while on the go through the use of our Scout wearable, offering users an independence from hub locations.

Strike Lite is limited to locations where a hub is installed (Strike Locations) and only matches within the hub’s radius.

This depends on your location. A hub’s reach is 200ft but if there are many obstacles, more might need to be installed to secure a good coverage.

We have created a the Business Dashboard to easily update events and manage your push notifications and events.

The hub is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is inconspicuous once installed.

Yes! We can install hubs in mobile businesses… e.g Food Trucks 

No. Businesses set up their promotions and events to match their branding. Pictures will need to be reviewed for the protection of our users.

No. We maintain the right to decide which locations serve our customers best interests in being a Strike location.

We are concentrating in Florida to ensure enough density that our customers have a positive experience with matching. Eventually we plan to expand nationwide.
If you are interested in bringing Strike to your location outside of Florida, then you might want to take a look into our Ambassador program. We are already developing Ambassadors in the LA, LV and DC areas.

A standard power supply is all that is needed.

Strike is focused on maintaining data privacy and works by creating an encapsulated environment as well as eliminating the need for distributing personalized information. This means that our analytic information is anonymized and non-trackable to any person or personal information.

A hub used a standard power supply and needs to be unplugged to be turned off.

During our launch special  installations are free! 
A typical installation normally costs  $1000.-

The running costs are for push notifications are