How It Works

How does Strike work?

Strike was designed for matches to connect in real life and without going out of their way. For this purpose, we have developed a hardware device called Scout, that continuously scans a user’s surroundings to find singles that match their search criteria.

Our patent pending technology ensures that your match is currently in a close distance of up to 20 feet, enabling real time encounters.

Other apps claiming to find local matches in your surroundings rely on GPS, which does not allow a precise distinction of your matches location (they could be miles away) or a real time matching experience.

Step 1

Step 1

Set Up Your Profile And Search Criteria

Set up your personal profile and search criteria, including relevant matching details such as gender, age and height, but also interests and hobbies, life goals, smoking habits etc

Step 1 How Strike Works
Step 2
Step 2
Take Your Scout Wherever You Go

Your Scout automatically searches for matches within your close proximity (up to 300 ft.). It is designed to work in all types of areas – no internet or cellular connection is needed.

Take your Scout with you wherever you go
Step 3
Step 3
Once Your Scout Has Found A Match

You will receive a notification that a match is around. If you are ready to meet select “ready to meet” in your Strike app.
Once both users have agreed to meet, our Scout will transmit each others profile picture and a unique color code as a visual aid to help identify each other.

step 3 of how Strike works
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Strike This wearble finds your match in real life!

Pause Searches
and Exclude Locations

There may be certain locations and/or times of the day where you don’t want to be connecting with potential matches. That’s why: