Our Scout

A wingman for your Pocket!

Scout is a compact, patent pending, wearable hardware device that is used to create an encapsulated environment while connecting funnelled users to one another without the use of the internet or cellular connections. 

Strike software is used in conjunction with the Scout for matching singles, turning Online Dating to In Real Life Meeting:

  • eliminating the online from “Online Dating” as we know it. 
  • matching and meeting other singles while you go about your daily activities… In Real Life.
  • advocating a return to Reality and Personal Interaction
Strike This wearble finds your match in real life!
Strike This wearble finds your match in real life!

Strike Lite in Selected Locations!

Our Strike hub is designed to give individuals that don’t have the Scout, the opportunity to try the Strike app in the Lite version and meet up with singles at selected locations found on our Match Map. 

The Hub does not provide the flexibility that the Scout provides, but it is a great starting point for the undecided online daters who are looking for a better way to meet and eliminate the negative drawbacks of Online Dating.

Future Scout Applications

Scout’s technology that can be applied in various forms and the Strike app is the first for the market.

But rest assured, you will see more applications in the future for your Scout.  If you have found your perfect match, you can give your Scout to a single friend or just hold on to it until our other applications are released.