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Privacy by Design

Strike is able to assure data privacy by eliminating server use for matching purposes. When we created Strike, we made it our mission to design a product that protects your data. Our concept was to develop a hardware beacon, called Scout*, that keeps your data safely stored on your personal device. Our Scout simply connects to your smartphone with which it is paired and other Scouts for matching purposes. If ever lost or stolen, there is no information to be found on your Scout. Your profile and the search information used to find your match is private and not traded with others. We do not follow any activities or movement patterns.

With our hardware device, we have created a barrier that makes it impossible for third parties to access or abuse your data, eliminating any potential risk of data breaches long before they occur.

Furthermore, we have fully implemented the Privacy by Design concept and recommendations published by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data collection is kept to a minimum and pseudonymized in case processed.

We have kept the information you need to share to an absolute minimum. However, to use our service, processes such as billing, ordering and delivery make it impossible to fully eradicate data collection. The only information we collect are your

  • subscription information
  • email address
  • payment details
  • optional information regarding separate service agreements ( e.g. identity or background check)

We have teamed up with highly skilled Data Protection experts that advise us regarding changing laws and regulations for storing any personal data. You can find more details as to how we collect these details in our privacy policy.

Read more about our Data Privacy Policy.

*patent pending

fingers holding Scout

When we created Strike, our main goal was to create a product that protects our user's data.

Dirk, CEO & Founder